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★ Power Rangers Time Force Clock Tower Playset


It's a quiet day in Silver Hills. Ransik and his mutants are nowhere to be seen and no-one is in need of Nick of Time Odd Jobs. The Rangers are taking a well-earned break and relaxing around the clock tower.

The Power Rangers Time Fore Clock Tower Playset is an simple drag-and-drop scene maker based in the home of the Time Force Rangers. Place the Rangers around the clock tower by dragging on characters and dress them up using the clothing options. You might be able to find a few extra things lurking around too...


- Click on the character icons in the menu to look through clothing options
- Click on the clothing options in the menu to dress the characters
- Click on the computer screen to open/close the menu
- There are six secret outfits to unlock. See if you can find them!


- Art & programming by Laura Hunt
- Power Rangers Time Force © SCG Power Rangers LLC.
- Disclaimer: This game is non-profit and was made purely for my own enjoyment.